Welcome to Pretty Blooming!

Let me guess a few things about you...

You have tried every acne treatment, lotion, cream, moisturizer and face wash... 

And you are still struggling with acne, anxious, sad, and sometimes angry... Wishing more than anything to wake up from this nightmare and just move on with your life.

You feel robbed from even the small joys of life.

You’ve seen how other women have overcome this nightmare... 

But that’s not you. You are still staring at your face in the mirror, sobbing, picking, and suffering.

You feel trapped. From the inside out. 

You want to feel:


You want to be able to say, “No, really - I don’t wear makeup today” because your skin looks and feels amazing.


You want to say "yes" to life, to have a care-free attitude, and be able to face your friends, family, coworkers confidently without catching them being distracted by your acne.


You want to be FREE from the chains of acne... To have fun, to dance, to scream I LOVE MYSELF, and to mean it.

There's GOOD news my friend.
I'm here to show you there IS a way!

I’m Valeria — an acne skin coach, skin care investigator, and founder of Pretty Blooming.

I've geeked out over skin care for more than a decade, and acne exclusively the past three years. I LOVE sharing my findings, tips and recommendations!

Working as a skin coach, you’d think my skin was always perfect. Nope!

For 14 years, I struggled with breakouts, oily skin, and redness. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally figured out how to fix my skin issues, using the science-first approach I’m sharing here.

If I could turn my skin around, so can you!

So...why do I do what I do?

I'm a lot like you; however, I've also had some unique experiences. These led to insights that you'll find extremely helpful. I went all in on natural-only DIY skin care for almost two years. I was convinced that the DIY way was the right way. However, after two years I still had acne. Clearly something wasn't working.

I remember the day when everything changed for me. The story is pretty simple. From 15-28 years old, I had persistent acne, and I ended up feeling like I'd always have to live with random breakouts. And then I studied through Dr. Mark Lees work, got some sound skin principles, started using them, and now my skin is completely free from acne.

You know how acne makes us feel less sure of ourselves?

And that we'd rather stay at home instead of going out and having people look — even comment on our acne?

And that makes us feel less confident, more lonely, and less worthy. And it feels like time is passing us by, and we're missing opportunities to be with our friends and loved ones.

I don't think women have to stress over their skin and shy away from people. They should have healthy, beautiful skin, and have connecting & bonding relations instead. 

I feel for women who're isolating themselves and avoiding friends, family and potential lovers because of their skin. I feel for them.

I'm a skin coach who has coached hundreds of women...

... Giving them a chance to get back to their friends and loved ones, and have a meaningful life. 

I understand that having a clear skin plan that shows yo how to get rid of acne for good is paramount to your success. I understand this challenge very well, and I pledge to help you get rid of your acne, do it as if you were a professional, and succeed while making it look easy. 

And today, I want to help you get started for free.

Are you ready to begin a skin care regimen that is scientifically proven to improve your skin's health? Sign up for my free 3-Day Masterclass "How to Clear Acne In 3 Easy Steps".