👆Science REVEALS How To Heal Your Skin & OVERCOME Acne! 👆

I'm sure you've heard that having an accountability partner can help you reach your life goals faster. 

But, have you ever wondered if that's really true? 

Does accountability really help? Will it help you get rid of acne

The answer is that it can help, when you apply it correctly. 

However, accountability sometimes backfires. 

Everyone thinks that the best way to stay motivated is to find an "accountability partner" - someone to whom we have to report our efforts and results. 

Yet researchers have found that only specific types of accountability by specific populations can actually help us maintain our motivation. 

If you are going to seek external accountability, ask someone you care about to hold you accountable for a specific part of your goal (i.e. timeline, first steps or certain targets). 

Read on, as I explain... 

Behavioral scientists have found that naysayers can derail you from your goal if you encounter them at the beginning of your journey. 

It's important to have positive feedback when you begin anything new. 

However, did you know that even positive feedback can also have a negative effect on your progress? 

Here's why.

There is a difference between having someone in your corner who will tell you how great you are and having someone who will give you genuine feedback. 

level up accountability

While it's natural for the people you care about to praise you after you have announced your new and exciting target, be sure to surround yourself with people who will recognize specific progress you are making toward your goal. This is the important distinction.

"Empty" praise can hurt your progress. Praise like "good work", or great effort without any specificity can backfire. 

The feedback you get needs to show how your good work or positive efforts have affected you with stopping your breakouts.  

I suggest you try this new accountability approach.