👆Science REVEALS How To Heal Your Skin & OVERCOME Acne! 👆

Packed with vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fats, avocado is great for soothing and moisturizing the skin.

To explore the benefits of the fruit, today I am suggesting a simple avocado face mask which you can make at home. 


Why Avocado?

Besides their benefits on the inside, avocados are amazing when applied topically and have a lot to offer.

They are rich in vitamins A and E and antioxidants that fight skin-damaging free radicals.

Because of their high fat content, avocados are deeply nourishing and hydrating.

They are very gentle and soothing which make them suitable for all skin types.

When added in a face mask, avocado help maintain moisture in the epidermal layer of the skin.

Plus, avocado are rich in omega-fatty acids which soothe inflammation, redness and irritation.

Sounds good?

Read on for the ingredients and how to prepare the avocado face mask..


1/2 ripe avocado
1 flat teaspoon spirulina (or 2 spirulina capsules)
1 teaspoon jojoba oil

Note: The dark green flesh near the skin of the avocado is where the nutrients are most concentrated, so make sure you use it.

How To Prepare and Use It?
1. Mash the avocado with a fork until it has a smooth consistency. 

2. Add the oil and the spirulina. Stir to combine.

3. Apply the avocado face mask to clean skin with fingers or a facial brush.

4. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

5. Pat dry the skin and finish off with your moisturizer.

Tip: To make the avocado mask cool and refreshing, keep it in your fridge for 10-15 of minutes before applying it.

Spirulina is a dark green algae which thanks to its abundance of selenium, beta-carotene and vitamins C and E, helps reduce inflammation. 

Because it is so rich in antioxidants, it complement the avocado perfectly, fighting free radicals and preventing wrinkles. 

Plus it is a great source of amino acids which help fight bacteria and acne. 

Jojoba Oil not only helps all the ingredients combine perfectly, but add nourishment and softness to the mask.

Plus jojoba oil resembles sebum which helps your skin restore its natural pH balance. 

Final Thoughts

Making your own avocado face mask is easy and fun. Apply this one once a week and watch your skin getting young and moist. 

There are so many options to enjoy the benefits of this fruit. Have you other awesome recipes you want to share - use the comment section below 🙂

Thank you so much for reading the blog and I'll talk to you in the next one!

Stay healthy and take skin care 🙂