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Winter is coming, peeps!!! My favorite time of the year - cozy sweaters, warm socks, delicious tea, clementines and of course the Christmas sale! 

But do you know what's terrifying about winder?

Cracked winter skin!

Learn how to rescue your face from drying, itching and flaking.

Why Do You Get Cracked Winter Skin?

Why Does Skin Cracks During Winter - Rescue Your Face This Winter by applying these 5 Methods

Cold weather along with low humidity strips your skin off its natural moisturizing which causes dryness. 

Although my skin is rather oily, when the temperatures go down, things change. My pores become dry, my lips feel like sandpaper and the skin on my hands gets rough and itchy.

Applying moisturizer (preferably an all-natural DIY moisturizer) immediately after washing you face or showering is crucial. 

Same applies for your hands (especially for them) and lips.

And we all know we need to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize this time of the year (and not only), here are 5 other ways to keep your skin smooth and hydrated this winter.

1. Avoid soaps and face wash that have fragrance, alcohol or dyes

Choosing a milder face wash is preventive measure number 1.

Make sure your face wash is mild enough and does not contain alcohol, sulfates or other harmful substances.

This kind of cleansing products can irritate and dry out skin, making it less supple and easier to crack.

Switching to milder products or even better - to DIY products can keep your skin softer and smoother.

If cracked winter skin is an issue for you, it's not just about your face wash. Treat your hands and lips with the same amount of care as you do for your face.

Choose wisely your soap, body wash and dish soap.

A rule of thumb is - always choose products that are gentle, alcohol-free, fragrance-free products, and even better if they have added oils).

2. Avoid Hot (or Long) Showers and Baths

Avoid Long and Hot Showers. This may be causing your cracked winter skin

Imagine this - it's mid December, you have spent 5 hours Christmas present shopping. You are coming home tired and cold. You know how tempting it is to dip into a hot bathtub or a steam shower and just soak all troubles away. 

Pleaaaase avoid it - hot water sucks all the natural oil from your skin. Couple this with hopping out of the shower into your heated home, and/or skipping moisturizer and we have a recipe for disaster. 

I am a big fan 'boiling' showers, but they don't bring any good. So try to use lukewarm water and keep the bath time short.

Eventually, make sure to pat your skin dry rather than rub it with a towel. 

3. Cover up

Cracked Winter Skin - 5 Ways To Rescue Your Skin This Winter - Pretty Blooming;  Winter is coming, peeps!!! My favorite time of the year - cozy sweaters, warm socks, delicious tea, clementines and Christmas sale!   But do you know what's terrifying about winder?   Cracked winter skin!   Learn how to rescue your face from drying, itching and flaking.

Wear protective clothing to shield your skin from frigid temperatures that dry out your epidermis.

Warm scarfs and shawls are both trendy and cozy. Protecting your neck and cheeks from the cold air.

However, harsh fabrics like wool can irritate your skin too. Make sure your scarf is fabric like cotton or silk, which will let your skin breathe.

4. Don't Forget Your Lips

Because lips tend to get dry and flaky too, exfoliating them is something you should do all year round. However, during the winter, extra caution is needed. 

I've heard people saying that lip scrubs should be avoided in the winter months because the skin is way more sensitive so no extra friction needed. 

I strongly disagree though.

First, even the loveliest lipstick color won't look nearly as lovely if the lips underneath it aren’t well cared for.

And second - if not exfoliated regularity, dead cells build up, dry and lead to cracking and flaking. 

To avoid cracked winter skin and keep your lips smooth, supple and hydrated, use a DIY lip scrub once a week.

Remember to apply moisturizing oil or natural-ingredients balm afterwards. 

5. Invest in Humidifier

Use a humidifier regularly to restore moisture to the air in your home.

It’s not just the outside air that can mess with your skin's hydration in the winter — indoor heaters can have drying effect too.

I am a person who freezes constantly in the winter months and heating at home is in on full blast.

If you too are a warmth-lover, an easy way to restore the moisture in the air in your bedroom, is to invest in a humidifier. Getting yourself one will help keep you keep you skin hydrated overnight. 

Final Thoughts

Taking preventive measures so you don't end up with cracked winter skin is important. 

However, if you notice your hands or face getting flaky, itchy and/or bleeding, be sure to speak to your dermatologist. Applying random topical products can lead to inflammation.

I hope this post was helpful and you will keep your skin safe this winter.

If you have other hacks to protect your skin from the cold weather - make sure to share with us in the comment section below.

Stay tuned and take care (not only in the winter months) ?