👆Science REVEALS How To Heal Your Skin & OVERCOME Acne! 👆

Do you have a weakness for sodas?

Imagine back to a hot summer day. One of the best feelings is to pop open an ice cold soda and feel the refreshing taste trickling down our throat… So satisfying! Ahhh…

Obviously, drinking one soda doesn’t harm you much but before downing cans upon cans of this beverage, let’s figure out… Does soda cause acne or make you break out?

What makes me ask this? Well, sugary carbonated drinks are already considered as junk food. No surprise to anyone, right?

There’s a clear cut connection between what you drink and eat, and how our skin looks. So if you’re are curious to see the research that I’ve found. Research that in short tells us that: Soda can dehydrate skin and worsen existing skin conditions.

Uh-oh. That does not sound good at all.

If you’re a fan of this beverage, you might want to rethink drinking it. At least until you’re finished reading this post. 

If you promise me that, then I’ll list some healthy alternatives that will satisfy any soda-cravings you may have.

Join me in this post to learn what exactly soda does to skin. I hope this can help you reach a verdict whether it’s time to give up soda. Then at the end, I’ll list some healthy alternatives for your soda craving.

Sounds good? Then read on, natural beauty Queen.

What is Soda Doing to Your Skin?

does soda cause acne breakouts

We should have seen this coming. Soda is far from being a healthy beverage. Its sugary ice-cold sweetness seems nice at first… 

But it’s loaded with. Ready for it…? Nothing beneficial for your body and skin.

With facts stacking up against it, can soda still have a place in your “diet?”

Let’s find out.

Soda, Acne, and Dehydration

Normally, when it’s hot out and you’re thirsty for something COLD, water is the the way to go. However water isn’t that exciting compared to a nicely formulated soda. 

Going beyond the taste, what’s soda doing to your body?

Well, instead of quenching your thirst, it does the opposite. Soda dehydrates you.

Soda is mildly diuretic. Diuretic beverages make us urinate more often. So instead of becoming hydrated, you’ll lose fluids instead. That’s not what you’d want on a hot summer day.

Take note though that soda is mildly diuretic. It won’t cause dehydration. If you have nothing but soda to hydrate yourself, sure, why not! Soda is better than nothing. But what this means is that soda isn’t what you should be reaching for if you have options to spare. Water can never be beaten when it comes to hydration.

Now, what does this mean for your skin?

By causing you to lose fluids, soda can aggravate acne by dehydrating your skin. How does that happen? Well, see for yourself:

· Skin turns red, dry, tight and flaky. Those four words are scary when you have acne.

· When skin is dehydrated it lacks elasticity. That means fine lines and under eye circles galore! Add those to acne and your skin will look sad. 

· Dehydrated skin produces excessive amount of oil. Soon, you’ll be plagued with clogged pores. More company for acne you may already have!

With that, is soda really worth the potential acne and breakouts? I’ll let you decide.

Soda, Acne, and Sugar

You might recall an info-graphic of donuts and drinks that went viral. The post received a lot of criticism on the web. When you think about it, the info oversimplifies the food items mentioned. In reality, soda is a lot less health-concerning than a donut. But an interesting takeaway from this info-graphic is the amount of sugar. 

regular 12oz. Coca-Cola can has 39grams of sugar. That’s four teaspoons! And if you’re curious, that amount of sugar is about four Krispy Kreme strawberry iced donut with sprinkles.

By now, you’d hardly need me to tell you what crazy amount of sugar can do to your skin. But of course, let’s look at how experts explained it. Studies show that a high glycemic-load diethave negative effects on acne. This type of diet involves eating food loaded with sugar. The rise in blood sugar causes more frequent and severe acne.

Should You Give up Soda to have Healthier Skin?

does soda cause acne breakouts

At this point, it’s pretty clear what the answer to the question above is. You’ll be better off without soda in your diet. Not just for healthier skin but for your body’s health, too. 

If you can’t help but have soda, cutting it off from your life in a snap seems impossible. The key here is gradually removing soda from your diet. Do you normally have 3 cans of soda in a day? Make it a goal to reduce that by two for a week or two. After reaching your goal, reduce by another can for the next couple of weeks. 

Keep it up and before you know it, you’re completely fine without soda in your life.

Healthy Alternatives When You’re Craving Soda

does soda cause acne breakouts

Of course, removing soda will be harder if you have nothing to replace the craving. As I told you above, I’ve been through the soda craving. It was quite hard to resist, especially when I’m eating out. Knowing how bad soda is for my body and skin really helped fight the crave. Also, having lots of alternative beverages helped, too!

So when you’re craving soda, it’s nice to have alternatives. Here’s a list of beverages to consider when you’re craving for some ice-cold sugary goodness:

1. Healthy Smoothies

· Mouthwatering-delicious

· Healthy for your skin and body

· Wide selection of combinations to try

· Recipes to try:

Glowing Skin Green Smoothie

Pink Goddess Smoothie

Turmeric Skin Booster Smoothie

2. Fruit Juice

· Delicious and hydrating

· Healthy for your skin and body

· Wide selection of combinations to try

· Available at most stores

· Recipes to try:

​ o Beetroot Juice

​ o Pomegranate Juice

3. Lemon Water

· Delicious and hydrating

· Healthy for your skin and body

· Easy to prepare

To Wrap It Up

When you get used to a certain thing, it’s hard to let it go. No, I’m not talking about love problems. Though that is true in love, it’s also true for our diet. Knowing the bad things soda can do to your skin can help put you in a right perspective. 

Will you choose a can of delicious soda knowing it can aggravate acne?

Knowing soda can make you break out, will you still reach for it?

I hope by now, you’ll at least be more mindful the next time you reach out for a soda… Just keep in mind there’s plenty of delicious options.

Do you have healthy drinks to recommend? Don’t forget to visit the comment section below. Share your wisdom!

Stay tuned and take skin care!