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Let's talk about how to double cleanse for a quick second. 

Hello, beauty queen!

I promised to come back to the topic of double cleansing.

Look at the graphic below - it basically summarizes the need for double cleansing: 

You may still think a 1-step cleanse is enough, and I cannot force you to do this extra step if you resist, lol.

But I want you to try something...

The next time you have been outside with makeup and sunscreen on...

Grab your toner and wipe your face with a cotton pad (after the first cleanse)... 

What will likely happen is that you’ll notice some residue left on the pad. 

I especially notice this when I wear waterproof sunscreen — it’s still there after the first cleanse. 

That’s why we do a double cleanse. 

What happens if you don’t get rid of the residue?

You’ll basically end up with congested skin and clogged pores, which for us acne-prone girls means going further away from our clear skin goals. [1]

Plus, remember: if leftover residue is still on your skin, your complexion won’t fully benefit from the rest of the products you use.  

Now, the next question is: 

How to double cleanse the right and wrong way 

Do we use the same cleanser twice? 

Can we use wet wipes for the first cleanse? 

How to remove eye makeup gently so we avoid causing premature fine lines and wrinkles?

I will answer these questions and more inside this double cleansing masterclass of a post, so buckle up, beauty queen - we’re going for a ride down Proper Cleansing Road.

But before we start...

I thought it would be beneficial to list a few incorrect ways of removing makeup I see people recommend on social (circus) media: 

4 incorrect ways of removing makeup

4 wrong ways to double cleanse

Social media is packed with funny, weird, and dangerous advice. Let's look at a few right now:

1. “Dab a cotton ball in milk (dairy) and wipe your face with it”

The problem with this method?

Milk doesn’t contain enough fat to break down oil-soluble makeup.

2. “Put a little organic honey on a clean cloth and sprinkle in some baking soda, then clean your face with it.”

The problem with this method?

Neither of the ingredients dissolve makeup or sunscreen.

Plus baking soda is so alkaline that you risk altering the healthy pH of your skin, which can disturb your skin’s microbiome.

This leads to other problems like irritation, rosacea, sebum overload, acne, skin barrier issues, and the list goes on.

3. “Apply a bit of coconut oil either directly to the face or using a cotton ball. Wipe the makeup off then wash the face using a cleanser.”

The problem with this method?

I’ve used this method many times in my DIY honeymoon period..

And it’s actually not all bad. It dissolves and melts the makeup effectively.

The thing is this though, coconut oil is pure oil.

Why is that bad?

Lots of it remains as residue on your face. And regardless of how much water and cleanser you use, that coconut oil just keeps sticking to your face. Ugh.

And since coconut oil is high on the comedogenic scale, any remains is likely to clog your pores — which is like sending out an invitation for a new, festive acne party... on your face. No thanks! 

4. “Fill your sink with steaming hot water (not boiling) and lean over it for a few minutes. It helps to get the last traces of makeup off your face.”

The problem with this method?

While steaming is a great way to open the pores, it ain’t any cleansing method. Let alone a makeup removing method.

Simply steaming your face with water won’t dissolve oil-soluble substances like makeup and sunscreen.

If you want to benefit from steaming, do it after cleansing, and before applying nourishing serums and treatments. 

There is a ton of terrible advice floating around out there. 

Should I make a document with these “not to do’s” ? Let me know!

3 better ways to double cleanse, and 1 best way

4 ways to double cleanse

Now, let’s switch gears and start cruising down Proper Cleansing Road together. 

Roll down the windows, feel the warm breeze on your cheeks, inhale that fresh, cleansed air...

Let’s do this!

1. Makeup remover wipes

I’m sure that at some point we’ve all used those.

They are definitely not the worst way to remove makeup.

In fact, some of them are made pretty well, combining oil and water, dissolving makeup and wiping it off. 

The problem is with the way we use them. Wiping requires friction, pulling and tugging. 

If done gently, no harm done.

But if you’re anything like me, you experience days when you’re tired.

And then you realize you have to remove your makeup.

But all you want at that moment is to just snuggle in bed, not to remove makeup.

Chances are you forget to be careful and gentle, and instead rub a little too fast or hard for what’s best for your skin’s health long term. 

All this friction is one reason you see those wrinkles around your eye... a few years too soon. 

2. Using the same cleanser twice

Whether this method is good or bad depends on the cleanser. 

If we talk about water-based cleansers, then using it 2, even 3 times won’t necessarily deal with the oil-based makeup. It will cleanse the face to a certain extent, but it will leave makeup residue on the skin. 

Not to mention that using the water-based cleanser twice has absolutely zero chance against water-resistant products.

If your cleanser is foam-based though, chances are that it will cleanse better. 

But another problem for us acne-prone skin gals is the fact that using a foaming cleanser even once brings the risk of stripping the skin of its natural oils. 

So using a stripping cleanser twice may leave you feeling squeaky clean but in reality, you’ve just over cleansed. :-/

And if you’ve been following my teachings for a while, you know that over cleansing often leads to more sebum on your face. The exact opposite of what we're trying to achieve. 

3. Micellar water

A good micellar water does an okay job at melting the makeup and sunscreen while being gentle enough for your eyes.

The problem is that with micellar water, you often need to use a cotton pad to rub off makeup and sunscreen.

Again, that can add unnecessary friction in your routine that often leads to irritation — especially if you go in hard to remove water-proof makeup. 

And yet, micellar water is one option I would recommend to those who can’t afford to opt in for the best option...

Drumroll for the 1 best way to double cleanse


Cleansing Balm

A cleansing balm won’t leave any greasy film on your face.

It goes from a solid balm to an oil that melts away all the grime. 

The best part is that it’s designed to emulsify. Emulsifying is the process of adding a few drops of water to the skin after the balm has melted the makeup.  This will turn the oil on your face milky white.

And when you rinse it off, it is off - there’s no need to use a washcloth or a cotton pad.

And especially no need to go hard with your second cleansing.

It’s that skin-friendly.

Now, this method of cleansing doesn't come without cons either. 

The con of cleansing balms is their price. 

What you see here is the price for two cleansers and a moisturizer: €33,97

Versus the cost of only a cleansing balm: €36,45 

It’s unfair, I know. 

Apparently formulating a good cleansing balm that melts well, emulsifies and cleanses thoroughly without leaving a residue isn’t easy. 

The good thing is that cleansing balms last really long. A little really goes a long way here. 

Now let’s turn our attention to you.

Do you double cleanse? 

If yes - what do you use for your first cleanse? 

And also - have I missed any methods that you know to be effective? 

Show some love in the comments section by letting me know about your cleansing practice <3

Much love, 

Val <3 

One last thing.

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