👆Science REVEALS How To Heal Your Skin & OVERCOME Acne! 👆

What if I tell you there's a simple wellness trick that only takes five minutes a day, costs nothing, and helps cleanse your body, inside and out? Dry skin brushing has a number of health benefits and is so simple to do.

So how does Body Dry Brushing work?

I am going to assume that you have probably heard a thing or two about the benefits of dry brushing your body.

Here is the deal with body dry brushing: your skin is the largest organ in your body and it's also an organ of elimination.

This essentially means that a big amount of the toxins in your body are expelled through the skin. Dry brushing helps to unclog pores and excrete these toxins trapped in the skin.

Dry body brushing is great for detoxing the lymphatic system and said to exfoliate and awaken the skin.

Plus it can replace harsh physical exfoliating scrubs (containing little plastic beads)

Choosing the Right type of brush

Face Dry Brush

Before you grab your body coarse brush and start rubbing your body, please take this into account:

A body dry brush is an entirely different tool. It's made of very fine and soft natural bristles.

In order to prevent skin irritation, choose a natural (not synthetic) bristle brush.

I got mine from Amazon, but you can find a decent one in your local drug store and perhaps even in the grocery store.

Benefits of Body Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing Your Face For Skin Glow

Exfoliates dead skin

The brush works great as body skin exfoliator as its bristles slough the dead skin cells away (those bastards lead to blackheads and acne).

Regularly body dry brushing promotes healthy, breathing skin thus helps your skin absorb more nutrients. 

Stimulates lymphatic system

dry brushing to help lymphatic drainage

I know I might be talking about lymphatic drainage a bit too much...

Bur I have a reason to do so --> As the lymph nodes assist with the expelling of toxins, if it is not functioning properly, your skin may suffer from acne, loss of elasticity, premature aging and overall, have a flakey texture.

Picture yourself having a shower at home and think of the lymphatic system
as your shower’s drainage system.

When the drains become blocked or congested with waste, drainage of water is poor.

It stagnates, backs up, pools and over time it becomes a rather toxic, smelly sludge.

Subsequently the shower drain can no longer clear itself and assistance is required...

A similar scenario occurs in our body when our lymphatic drainage system becomes congested with waste products. 

Therefore regularly body dry brushing can encourage the lymphatic system's detoxification process. 

Improves blood circulation

Here is another benefit of dry brushing - it increases the blood flow to the skin cells.

It might sound irrelevant for enhancing your beauty but let me explain - 

Poor blood circulation affects the skin health and appearance. 

It can cause skin discoloration, inflammation, sagging skin, cellulite and aged skin.

Increasing blood circulation can improve the complexion and provide a more healthy-looking and elastic skin.

Final Thoughts

 After body dry brushing, be sure to use body lotion or butter..

Remember to clean your brush after every use.

Take good skin care!

Much love,