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Originating from a country where rose water is so abundant, I used to underestimate its benefits and take it for granted. It's like going sightseeing in your home town. You know rose water is there, and it's not going anywhere. So no rush for you to try the stuff.

However, in recent years, I rediscovered this aromatic goodness. Now, I'm happy to report that rose water has a special place in my pampering skin care arsenal!

Rose water is a fantastic beauty ingredient. Not only is it lovely as a toner, as I used to think. But this ingredient can also be added to your remove makeup and it can also calm irritation.

What is even more awesome is that this flavored water is a natural and safe way to calm acne

Keep reading to find out what anti-acne benefits rose water has to offer and how you can incorporate it into your skin care regimen.

3 Simple Methods Rose Water Can Help Cure Acne - Pretty Blooming; Rose Water is an amazing beauty ingredient and not only as a toner as as I used to think, but also for removing makeup, calming irritation and balancing skin's pH level.  What is even more awesome is that Rose Water is a natural and safe way to cure acne.   Keep reading to find out what anti-acne benefits Rose Water has to offer you and how to incorporate it in your skin care regimen.

What Is Rose Water?

Dubbed as the queen of flowers, roses are valued for more than their beautiful blooms. Some of the products made from roses are rose oil (rose otto or attar of rose) and rose water.

The production of rose oil and rose water are intertwined processes. Rose oil is obtained by steam-distilling crushed petals of roses. The by-product of this process is rose water. Through this process of distillation, 20% of the liquids turn into essential oils, and the rest is water mixed with small amounts of rose attar.

This intertwined process makes use of a lot of rose petals. About 2,000 rose petals produce a drop of essential oil. Yes, a drop — which makes rose otto very expensive. Thankfully, since rose water is a by-product, it is not as expensive as the attar of rose.

Don't let the label of by-product make you think that rose water is easily dismissable. The simplicity of this flavored water is its allure in helping us attain a rosy and youthful complexion.

Is Rose Water Effective Against Acne?

Rose Water Treats And Prevents Acne?

You might be thinking that the only thing something called "water" can do is hydrating the skin, making it more supple and moist. And that thought is totally reasonable.

But what if I tell you that this aromatic liquid is a lot more than just some flavored water?

Rose water offers therapeutic uses that can benefit our skin. This flavored water has anti-oxidant properties natural to rose, which helps in keeping our skin youthful. Antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of rose water give it the ability to kill acne-causing bacteria. Moreover, it can aid in healing wounds, like the oozing red that pimples leave after they pop.

Rose flavored water has also a cooling effect that helps soothe redness and irritated skin. This effect is precisely what you'd want while riding out your breakouts.

How To Use Rose Water To Treat And Prevent Acne

How To Use Rose Water To Treat Acne

To help you obtain the benefits mentioned earlier, focusing more on acne because we definitely want to be rid of that, here are 3 ways to use rose water.

Mix Equal Parts Rose Water And Water

Start with thoroughly cleaning your face. In a small bowl, mix half cup filtered water and half a cup of rose water. Use a cotton pad to apply this mixture and let it dry. Finish with applying moisturizer. 

You can add a tablespoon of witch hazel to enhance the astringent properties of  the toning solution. 

If your skin is reactive to products containing fragrance, even if the fragrance is from natural origin like rose petals in the case, then I don't recommend using this toning solution. 

Final Thoughts

Rose water is mild and gentle. However, people with particular skin conditions will find it best to consult with a dermatologist before using new products or treatments.

If you've been suffering from acne for some time now, it is best to take a step back and evaluate the whole situation. In other words, determine your skin type, the type of your acne, its severity, your sensitivity baseline, as well as other skin conditions you might have. 

Only when you are aware with the big picture and all factors involved in you breaking out, you can make some conclusions about what measure you need to take.

When I work with students, we always start with figuring these things out. Based on that we develop a simple skin-strengthening routine to help restore their damaged skin barrier. And only after the barrier is healed we move to upgrading the basic routine into a very focused acne-targeting regimen. 

So while rose water is a lovely product to have, you don't need it in order to find your clearing journey. What you need is to learn what your skin needs, to take a step back and simply things. 

To learn more about this process, watch the 3-Day FREE Training I created to help you get started. 

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