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To my friends out there still struggling with unhappy skin:

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Clients of mine who read the very words you're reading now...

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It's a very unique approach to healthy skin that's turning struggling acne sufferers into inspiring success stories.

Listen, I get it if this sounds too good to be true...

And it's only normal to feel a bit skeptical, especially if you've tried your fair share of beauty product let-downs.

Just let me ask you this:

Would hearing more about this new method interest you if I virtually GUARANTEED it would save you months...

Even years of continued skin heartache and disappointment?

Keep reading and you'll see exactly how they're pulling it off, and how you can too.

PLUS: I'll shed light on the REAL reason why some of the more popular healthy skin approaches leave you worse off than they found you.

It's a reason very few "experts" talk about...

Yet it's one that every acne sufferer must get in order to live without pimples.

Just a word of warning:

The Odds Are Against You 
Unless You Really Get This...

I'm the furthest thing from a pessimist, but the numbers don't lie

Despite the explosion of skin care professionals, estheticians, and products...

Every major skin concern has skyrocketed in common-ness over the past 20 years.

Shouldn’t the opposite be happening?

With so many treatments and products available, shouldn’t there be FEWER instances of skin issues?

Adults are struggling with the look of their skin now more than ever before... 

With doctors saying that adult-onset acne is on the rise in women over the age of 25...

As well as those well into their 40s and 50s.

These numbers do not bode well for you...and you absolutely need an edge.

A way of approaching things that helps you avoid becoming just another number inside a nightmare statistic...

Why You Should Listen To Me

In case you don't know me already...

Hi by the way, I'm Valeria Dzhodzheva. And I'm not a dermatologist and I'm not an esthetician.

But I am an internationally recognized expert and proud owner of the brand Pretty Blooming, where we specialize in scientifically-proven, safe, and incredibly potent acne clearing methods.

Methods that actually supports healthy looking skin.

I've spent the past handful years studying acne and helping women see the healthy skin they deserve.

The same principles that I teach also freed me from a 14-year acne prison. 

Thanks to the incredible work of probably the world's top acne skin specialists like Dr. Mark Lees and Professor Gerd Plewig, the inventor of Retin-A...

My skin expertise quickly rose to new heights. 

Professor Gerd Plewig

However, not too long ago, I was in your shoes.

Believe me, I was a long ways away from getting my skin clear or living my best life. 

What you're about to read is raw and unfiltered, and it isn't all wine and roses. It is safe for work, but it's uncensored in the honesty department.

I don't believe in sugarcoating the truth, but I do believe the lessons I learned along the way will save you months, even years of frustration. 

So let me share a brief story with you.
It may help you understand why I'm a good person for you to listen to.

You know, sometimes in life...

We have to acknowledge, accept, and let go of what’s not serving us.

For me, that was giving up on DIY recipes and essential oils for treating acne.

Age 27, still sick and tired of battling with breakouts…

I stumbled across the all-natural DIY acne community. 

Since I’m an “all-in” kinda girl, I dug into studies, watched hundreds of videos, and fell in love with all-natural skin care remedies.

What’s not to like, right?

It's natural, it's healthy, and it's not made in some "evil lab" somewhere.

Luckily, this fascination didn't last.

2 years in, I was feeling like one of those witchcraft women with hundreds of potions, claiming to heal all sorts of ailments. 

For me, that was obviously managing my skin breakouts, but also handle my dull and oily skin plus some scarring and pigmentation. 

Thing is...

These “potions” never really worked as advertised.

And trust me, I tried them all. For 2 years. 

Not only was I not seeing my skin clear up but I was even getting some irritation and redness after using certain essential oils…

But I was the 100% natural DIY girl already with 53 blog posts yapping on how amazing these “golden drops” were for acne-prone skin. 

And since I truly believed in it, I blissfully ignored the signs telling me otherwise.

I remember the day when that all changed...

I had just placed a big order for a new batch of these precious oils. 

5 minutes later was scrolling YouTube. 

God knows why but this video popped into my feed: 

“Why I Went Essential Oils Free in My Skin Care”

 “What a BS video”, I thought and scrolled down. 

However, something pulled me back to that video… and I clicked play. 

I watched it. 

The woman from the video shared her experience with DIY skin care, how much she used to be into it, how DIY recipes didn’t work for her acne, and how she actually got sensitized skin.

No blame on her because she had diluted the oils like you should. 

After this video, questions started popping into my head…

“Could I’ve been all wrong?”

“Could my itchy and red skin be a bad reaction to essential oils?”

“And why do I still have acne after 2 years of using DIY acne skin care?”

So I went down the YouTube-hole and watched a ton of videos by people who have had their fair share of EOs and skin care DIYs…

“Where were all these videos before?”

... I shot down the computer and went for a walk. 

Thoughts racing. 

My entire skin care philosophy…

And my website... 

Now seemed to have a foundation of quicksand.

When I came back from my walk, I cancelled my essential oils order, rolled up my sleeves, and got to work.

Thanks to my Masters of Science degree where I learned to read and dissect scientific papers...

I jumped right into studies, books, research papers, dermatology journals and magazines.

Hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months of continuous note taking, double-checking, and cross-referencing sources. 

Thanks to this journey, I discovered why I was still breaking out and how I could reverse the damage my skin has taken on for the last 2 years.

That was how I started...and now?

The life I'm living is fulfilled in ways I never dreamed possible. 

And it really turned around for me once I discovered and started using what I'm sharing today... 

This Is What You Really Want  
(Let's Be Honest)...

First, let's get clear on your #1 goal: 

You want healthy and clear skin.

Now, you may also desire to feel more sure of yourself... 

...and perhaps even wish people would look at you and think, she looks attractive!

And if you're anything like me, you want to do ALL of this... 

  • As fast as possible... 
  • As easy as possible...
  • Without compromising your health...

However, The Stakes Are Higher Than You Think

Now, because I already got my skin clear...

I am beyond confident that the tip I'll share today will give you new hope and spectacular success when it comes to healthy skin... 

...and that by taking action, you can realize many of your healthy skin dreams as well. 

But just know this:

there are serious consequences for not taking action. Besides continuing on in the rut that you might be in... 

...It's not uncommon to see our social life wither away, leaving us feeling alone and isolated for years… perhaps even decades. 

Now that's the worst case scenario, but I've seen it happen more than I care to remember.

And since neither of us wants that to happen to you, let's get you moving in the right direction... 

What Would Your Life Look Like If
I Could Help You Erase Your Challenges?

Would you finally stop worrying so much about people judging you because of your skin?

...And instead enjoy more care-free self-confidence & love for yourself?

These are dreams realized by so many of my S.O.F.T. Method™ users... and I want the same for you.

And I truly believe that by following my advice...

You can witness healthy-looking skin that feels amazing in as little as 90 days, and break up with acne for good. 

I can say that with quite a bit of confidence because...

Women just like you are kissing acne goodbye forever and dramatically clearer skin that feels amazing in just that... 90 days.

First, make sure you... 

RUN From These
3 Common Lies And Myths

There is a ton of bad advice out there when it comes to getting your skin clear and looking attractive.  

Myth 1:
"Natural is Better"

For starters, you may believe that you just haven't found the right natural DIY remedy for your skin.

It's something I call The Natural Trap, and I used to buy into that lie myself.

The truth is...

Even if you use the cleanest natural DIY remedies (like I did) for years...

You'll likely always struggle with recurring breakouts.


Since around 90% of their content is usually alcohol, they can cause irritation, inflammation, redness, sensitivity and sensitization.

I know - it seems counterintuitive that a natural substance would cause so many problems.

But the facts don’t lie...

A growing number of people are turning up with chemical burns, allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and other side effects from using DIY home remedies with essential oils. 

Like Stacey Haluka, writer and motivational speaker from Ontario, Canada, who is now suing the essential oil company whose distributor misled her into using the oils onto her skin

Stacey Haluka who landed in the emergency room, eyes swollen, oozing blisters across her face, where doctors swiftly put her on steroids. Her diagnosis: A severe toxic reaction to essential oils.

The reason most people get hoaxed into all natural DIY skin care — and keep using it for a long time is because they don’t experience skin irritation immediately.

The tricky moment with DIY treatments with essential oils is that irritation or sensitization can appear months — even a year after starting.

That’s why many people (including me back then) don’t realize that the reason for them not being able to clear up their skin might be the very treatments they use. 

Myth 2:
"More is Better"

And once you break free from The Natural Trap, you may find that the popular belief of "More is Better" also falls by the wayside. 

Because trends like the 10-step Korean routine are spoken about as the holy grail of skin care.

We see it on Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube - skinfluencers layering 10+ products, showing how beautiful their skin is because of their complicated routine.

This is a “do everything every day” approach that is absolutely unnecessary for the variety of skin types and needs. Following trends like this means you’ll end up overwashing, over-exfoliating or clogging your pores with all the layers of products.

Here’s a crazy thought…

Why not just focus on what the skin needs?

This means...

If your skin shows signs of a damaged skin barrier - take a long break from exfoliation.

Or if your skin looks dehydrated - opt in for a richer, more nourishing moisturizer.

Because numerous studies like one '93 paper published in the credible Archives of Dermatological Research say that...

Continued acne has less to do with using new and better products... And more to do with fixing the actual problem that prevents these products from working.

Which is exactly what I'm going to show you here today.

Myth 3:
"Prescription is Better"

This brings me to another common phenomenon in the acne community known as the Prescription Mindset

Prescription Mindset is when doctors, derms, and estheticians make you think you must use an antibiotic, oral contraceptive pill, or go on Accutane in order to win over acne.

Going this route is not without risks. Side-effects and acne-rebound is very much a common thread seen from prescription users.

So how did all this misinformation get around?

Some believe it's all thanks to prescription-focused dermatologists and well-intended teachers who are not up on the latest research... 

In fact, the statistics show that dermatologists make up less than 1% of U.S. physicians, but they write 5% of all prescriptions for oral antibiotics. (link)

And yes - antibiotics were used to treat acne but that was years ago when we thought that acne was an infectious disease. 

Today, however, we have solid proof that acne is not the result of a bacterial infection because all adults have the acne bacteria in the follicles of their skin — and yet not all have acne.

We also know that acne is a skin condition to which some people are simply genetically predisposed. 

And it’s not that antibiotics don’t work. After all, their job is to kill bacteria or stop them from multiplying. This means that an acne patient on antibiotics will start seeing less and less breakouts appearing on their skin already a week after using them. Which is great.

But as I said, the acne bacteria is naturally present on everyone’s skin. And as soon as the patient goes off the meds, acne can be back. 

And here is where another problem arises--when people see results with antibiotics they are afraid acne will come back if they stop, so naturally they don’t want to go off the medication they are taking. 

But taking antibiotics too often or for too long can change bacteria so much that antibiotics stop working against them. 

This is called bacterial resistance or antibiotic resistance.

And this is just one aspect of the problem.

Taking antibiotics can dramatically change the amount and type of bacteria in your gut. This change can lead antibiotic-associated diarrhea, nausea and vomiting but they also cause a misbalance in the gut microbiome. And disruptions in the gut microbiome can be a cause of inflammatory conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. 

What’s the real problem when we suffer from acne?

Because it’s not the acne itself.

If you want to know what's really holding you back from getting your skin clear it's this little-known secret found in your skin's microbes. / skin's protective barrier.


A new flood of scientific discoveries highlight that the root of skin issues is a function of "Skin Microbiome Disruption"

But what exactly is the skin microbiome?...

...And what does that have to do with us getting pimples?

Good question...

Skin microbes

...At any given time, our skin is populated by trillions of microbes.

These microbes are mostly harmless, beneficial even, acting as a crucial defense mechanism for the skin.

This video explains it well:

With this ecosystem out of whack, you're essentially without protection, kind of like having your front door open to your house with dangerous people waiting wanting to come inside. 

Instead of people, we're talking viruses, bacteria and other pathogens all free to creep inside — resulting in unhappy skin full of blemishes. 

The Ripple-Effects Of A Destroyed Skin Microbiome Is Often Very Serious... 

An out of whack skin microbiome leads many concerns, one of which is the dreaded skin barrier damage.

With a compromised skin microbiome, perhaps even cracks in the protective barrier...

No skin care products can save us from pimples invading our face.

And as you already know, skin issues tend to seep its way into other areas of our life.

We experience anxiety around other people...

We withdraw from good friendships... even family.

It's also not uncommon to face rejection to the point where we give up on dating...

And this can be a serious problem because if it's not fixed, how can we live a joyful life when we continue to worry about the state of our face?

... so please don't take this lightly. 

Good news is; there's a solid path to where you want to go.

Just keep reading... 

The Early Warning Signs Of An Unhealthy Skin Microbiome

So what triggers the skin's microbiome to get out of whack?

Are there red flags you should pay attention to?

And how can you spot it before it happens again? 

For starters, you need to pay attention to continued breakouts.

When this happens, worse problems like damage to the skin barrier is just around the corner.

Fortunately I have a way around it.

I want you to consider your current skin care regimen. 

Does it include any of the following:


Scrubbing with physical exfoliants?

Physical exfoliants like cloths, sponges, and creams with beads and other physical ingredients often peel away the protective barrier, leaving you more acne-prone


Slathering benzoyl or other strong active on your face?

Strong actives can quickly become your skin barrier's worst nightmare because they tend to cause irritation — and they dry out the skin


Washing with foaming washes or bar soaps?

Many washes quickly lead to over-cleansing, which leads to a stripped protective barrier, which leads to a compromised skin barrier


Using chemical exfoliants?

It's easy to overwhelm the skin with chemical exfoliants so that you'll end up with a damaged barrier and continued acne instead of healthy and clear skin

...Or even doing not much at all?

This problem one can sneak up on you, but here's how to handle it:

Try using a gentle cleanser, a ceramide-rich moisturizer, along with daily sun-protection for 3 weeks... Without anything else.

Doing this will support the health of your skin, and make your skin ready to continue successfully through the acne clearing process - that you'll learn about in a moment.

As helpful as these tips may be, they're only part of the ultimate solution.

However, in order to convey the impact and power this can bring into your life...

I first need to let you in on the backstory...

This is what laid the foundation that led me to discover a permanent solution to a strong and healthy complexion...and a path to get my skin clear that made all the difference in the world... 

After A Long Journey Filled With Trials And Errors I Finally Discovered What Actually Works

Why are some folks are succeeding when others are not?

I studied dozens of acne success stories.

Real, noticeable, permanent transformations...and this is what they share in common: 

They all nurtured their skin's microbiome as part of their regimen... And they didn't just jump into using overwhelming acne-fighting ingredients

I noticed that the most successful were doing this consistently. 

At first this slipped by me.

To be honest, I used to think I was a pretty savvy skin enthusiast until I started "role-modeling" people like Dr. Mark Lees and Gerd Plewig.

And once I did, I never looked back.

Within about 6 months,  or so, my entire outlook on acne treatments changed, and the success I had once struggled to find... finally found me. 

This experience left me with this 1 powerful truth: 

If You Truly Wish To Succeed
You Must Leverage The 4-Phase Acne Clearing Process

When I finally shared the concept of the 4-Phase Acne Clearing Process (aka The S.O.F.T. Method) with a small group of my customers and students...

The consensus was, "That's the answer. When we started using this approach, we got our skin clear."

So, what is it? 

The S.O.F.T. Method the culmination of years of study.

Simply explained, it's about stacking specific skin care ingredients at different phases of what I call the acne clearing process. 

Followed consistently...

  • You’ll be the proud owner of a thriving skin microbiome... 
  • You'll feel the health of your skin increase significantly...
  • And you’ll LOVE looking at yourself in the mirror because there are no breakouts in sight!

A Few Quick Tips For Starting With
The S.O.F.T. Method 

I've discovered a few tactics along the way that help my customers get started applying The S.O.F.T. Method to their healthy skin goals. 

I've often gotten the reaction, "really, Valeria? Are you telling me to just do this?"

I am!

This simple? You bet!

Does it work? Absolutely!

Now, there's also another way of approaching healthy skin that can work, but it's not one that works as consistently as The S.O.F.T. Method: 

That's taking a step back with the skin care while eliminating certain acne-causing foods and instead eating only ingredients that land low on the glycemic index scale. 

You can try that if you want, but like I said, I don't find it as reliable... 

So What Do You Do Next?

These tips, as solid as they are, just aren't enough for permanent results. 

Reliable, healthy, thriving clear skin requires one more important step.

Let me share how I came up with what many a skin enthusiast calls "the definite system" for maximizing the Acne Clearing Process. 

Here's the story:

Success leaves clues.

That's why I've spent over 3 years analyzing the most successful acne skin specialists, and dissected more than 200 studies on acne causes and treatments.

Over this time, I perfected the science, and developed a simple...

4-phase skin care regimen that stops breakouts...

And transforms the skin into its most healthy, attractive version of itself faster than any other skin care regimen on the planet...

  • Without being forced into side-effect riddled medication...
  • Without using over-priced skin care sold by greedy brands...
  • Without going on dreadful elimination diets...

The result is a skin care system for women with acne that empowers you to:

  • End breakouts...
  • Bring forth healthy and clear skin...
  • And feel better than you have in YEARS

And on top of that...

It's a program that just about every skin enthusiast who has tried it finds brilliant, remarkable, and badass...


Skin Bliss™

The ONLY skin care system powered by the S.O.F.T. Method

Skin Bliss is a system that fast tracks you to applying The S.O.F.T. Method in a way that is as enjoyable as it's effective.

Here's what you can look forward to experiencing with Skin Bliss...

Yes to convenience

You're free from the hassles of visiting doctors

No to side-effects

You are free from the side-effects from medications

Yes to permanent results

You are free from worrying what your skin is going to do next

Sneak Peak
Inside Skin Bliss

Module 1: Welcome

Welcome! This module gives you a solid overview of the program.. Best of all, you can start the journey with a sky-high confidence!

Module 2: Getting Ready

This module is where you set up your skin goals. Best of all, you can walk away feeling empowered and excited about what's just around the corner!

Featuring the 2-question skin type revealer! Starting any skin care routine begins by being secure on your skin type. Best of all, you can determine this in just 10 seconds!

Module 3: The Core Three Routine + Implementation Stack

Want to know how to heal and strengthen your skin barrier so that clearing acne becomes 10x easier? This is the module for you. Best of all, you can supercharge the health of your skin using just 3 simple products!

Featuring the Core Three Routine Implementation Stack! Discover the latest about cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection. Best of all, you can avoid mindlessly wasting days upon days on the internet, and instead access your stack of guides from any device at any time that suits you.

Module 4: Strengthen 1/2 (Phase 1 of 4)

This module puts the Core Three Routine into action. Less theory, more skin transformation. Best of all, you can see visible results (often) in as little as 21 days!

Module 5: Strengthen 2/2 (Phase 1 of 4)

In this part of the system, you up the ante with the "Strengthen Bonus Stack".

2 handpicked ingredients that further help strengthen the skin, while at the same time speeding up the clearing process. Best of all, you can enjoy less oiliness, less redness, less hyperpigmentation!

Module 6: Oxygenate (Phase 2 of 4)

Want to know a gentle way to exfoliate the dead skin cells off that's better than any physical scrubs on the market? This is your module.. Best of all, you can wake up to healthy and clean pores using only 1 simple ingredient daily!

Module 7: Fight (Phase 3 of 4)

Your skin may already be clear as daylight but if not, that's why the Fight module is included. Discover the world of acne-fighting ingredients, and pick the one most suitable for you. Best of all, you can figure out which ingredient to use using the 5-second flowchart!

Module 8: Transform (Phase 4 of 4)

Discover the one exfoliation method that breaks down the last bits of dirt hiding at the bottom of the hair follicles, and at the same time speeds up the skin's renewal process, resulting in quickly fading spots from past blemishes. Best of all, you can transform dull, uneven skin texture into a smooth and radiant complexion people simply can’t help but notice!

Beauty Progress Tracker Tool

Track your skin transformation for max results (and memories). Best of all, you can follow your documented skin clearing in real time!

Future Updates License

To my knowledge, this program is by far the most effective and proven system to eliminating acne reliably. However, I believe in constant improvement. I will always continue to research, test and refine what I have learned to make this program even better.

In fact, in the near future... I plan on offering this program only as part of a membership package including several exclusive bonus guides and special updates at a substantially higher price. Order now and you’re guaranteed to get all future updates for FREE for life. That is one of the awesome benefits of this system.. Best of all, you can secure future updates the second I update or add something. Don't miss out!

Clear Skin Community!

Insert Image

Acne can make you feel alone, but with Skin Bliss, you're not.

Join the Facebook Group specifically created for women like yourself. Ask questions, stay motivated, and form new friendships.. Best of all, you can help lift other women up once your own skin is clear!

You Say: "Will Skin Bliss Work For Me?"

I'm sure you're wondering if Skin Bliss can work for you, especially if you think you've tried just about everything when it comes to achieving healthy, attractive skin. 

Well, let me set you at ease: 

During the years I spent looking for the TRUTH... 

...years studying most successful acne case studies I could find... 

...years spent honing, testing, re-testing, and perfecting Skin Bliss to make sure it was as flexible as it is powerful... 

...I struck gold. 

By standing on the shoulders of giants (and thanks to some of my own unique insights), you now have at your fingertips what skin enthusiasts hail as the best system they have ever come across when it comes to working "against all odds". 

Skin Bliss can work for you when virtually nothing else will. 

And it works so consistently for other acne sufferers like you, it's considered by many to be "Success Insurance" when it comes to getting your skin clear.  


In a moment, you'll meet just a few of these success stories... just know this for now: 

  • Unless you have severe cystic or nodular acne, Skin Bliss really is a system for healthy skin that can work for literally anyone... 
  • ...even if you're crunched on time... 
  • ...or even if you've tried over 20 different products from Amazon and other sites, giving them all a good run - and n-o-t-h-i-n-g put a real dent in your problem.... 

...and get this: 

Even if you've never been able to get clear skin consistently before...

Skin Bliss can still deliver results that can help you watch stubborn acne vanish while seeing acne-free skin for the first time in years!

Measurable Results You Can Count On

So, what can you expect in the way of results... and how fast can you expect to see them?

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress


In as little as 30 days, you'll begin to notice your skin already feels calmer and healthier...


You'll be amazed to see that over the next 90 days as you and those around you start to notice that you've never looked so good... ...and it just keeps getting better...


At 6 months, don't be surprised if guys are constantly trying to chat you up while you're waiting in line at the grocery store, or just going about your day...

I can tell you from experience that it's both flattering and annoying — but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, because it's better than being invisible, which is how I used to feel. 

That is the healthy skin success you absolutely deserve and will finally achieve.

And please, don't just take my word for it.

The Reviews Are In, And The Results 
Speak For Themselves

Here are just a few of the testimonials I could share with you regarding Skin Bliss, and the consistent results it delivers for acne sufferers of all ages and experience levels... 

Mary Joy Fajardo

Calgary, Canada

"The thought of acne used to occupy so much in my mind"

I used to be obsessed with how my skin looks, I would spend countless hours watching youtube videos of skin influencers with beautiful skin, trying to replicate what they do, buying at least one new product every week.

None of this helped. In fact, binge watching these videos only made me feel even worse. Plus often I would break out badly because one of my new products and I won’t even know which one. This was making me feel helpless. I just wanted to be invisible. I basically used all my free time on trying to figure out how to get a normal looking skin so I can live a normal life. It’s exhausting. It’s not sustainable. It makes you feel helpless.

I am so grateful for this course because it changed everything for me. It changed not only my skin, but also how I feel about myself, and how I am towards other people. I no longer hide in my house because I don’t want people to see my skin. I enjoy life, I am with my friends. And I know that even if my skin gets bad again for some reason, I know how to fix it.

Aurora Heaton

Huntington, New York

"I wish I had this program 3 years ago!"

Right now my skin is completely clear. For the first time in the last 3 years. It has been about 11 weeks and all my breakouts are gone. It is an amazing feeling to wake up with clear skin. No new pimples. No spots.

I wish I had this program when my acne struggles started. It would have saved me 3 years, thousands of dollars I’ve spent on skin care, and a ton of frustration. I feel like a new woman!

Lily Popova

Ruse, Bulgaria

"I am confident to go out without makeup and I feel beautiful!"

Although my skin wasn't terrible I have always had closed comedones on my cheeks and jaw. I would usually cover them with foundation and concealer, but sometimes, and for no reason, from innocent closed comedones they will turn into angry painful pustules.

And then the problems begin. I start to pick and pick and pick… Until my face is covered in bloody spots, lots of redness and blemishes from the picking. In the long run this gave me red and dark spots and scars.

After two months using the S.O.F.T. Method, my skin now has a glow to it and I have had no new closed comedones. And what is more important I don’t feel the need to pick and pop, because there isn’t anything left!

Backed By An Industry-Leading 
"Results-Or-Else" Guarantee

Look, the truth is simple: 

I refuse to take a penny from you unless I can really help you get healthy and clear skin. It's only fair to you that Skin Bliss not only meets the promises I've made... 

...I insist that it exceeds your every expectation. 

That's why Skin Bliss comes complete with...

A carved-in-stone 30-day guarantee so you know that I fully have your back.

I'm so confident that Skin Bliss will work for you that I'm willing to shoulder all the risk for you.

And if for any reason whatsoever you don't find this system the easiest and most lifestyle-friendly way to get clear skin, simply email me for a prompt and courteous refund.

But that's not all...

Skin Bliss further ensures your success with a conditional 365-day money-back guarantee.

If you consume the lessons, fill in the worksheets and follow the system as I teach it, and your family and friends AREN'T telling you how amazing you look within the next year...

I'm offering a full prompt refund. That's truly how confident I am in the results you'll experience! 

I Want To Give You A Few Incredible Bonuses Just For Taking Action Today
It really doesn't get more fair than that...except for this:

When you see the discounted price I'm offering you today for Skin Bliss, you may think it's a typo. 

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Interactive Workbooks

This has a retail value of $50, but it's yours FREE by taking action now.

I asked myself, "how can I make Skin Bliss feel like a 1-on-1 coaching experience"...

 "How can I make the already step-by-step 4-phase system so simple so that even a beginner could manage?"

The answer is the interactive workbooks you'll find in almost every module.

Full of tips on how to adopt the advice from the course, and interactive questions that helps you flow through the four phases with ease.

In addition to that...

You also get shopping lists with the exact type of products I recommend you use in each phase, saving you long hours of online research..  

Next, you'll receive complimentary access to the...

Product Treasure Chest 

a super-handy healthy skin helper that is valued at $100, yours FREE today! 

My team and I spent 5 months vigorously researching, buying, and testing hundreds of skin care products, ranging from cleansers, balms, moisturizers, serums, sun screens and more, so I could confidently deliver the very best for my coaching clients.

The list of products (all vegan, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free) has grown to a whopping 40 of the most effective, reasonably-priced items available on the market. 

Pocket Mentor

Finally, I insist on giving you my $300 SUPER-BONUS, absolutely FREE today. It's called Pocket Mentor, and wait until you check this out! 

FREE private coaching, advice and guidance from an acne expert are always just an email away.

If in any time you feel confused...

You can have your troublesome questions privately answered. I’d love to hear from you. Just email me. I promise you’ll have an answer in 24 hours.

This help is practically priceless.

You’ll always feel that someone is there for you…

So you’re never left to deal with your acne alone.

With this free and unlimited email support you can practically be sure that you are always on track, you are always encouraged, and...

You’ll be able to complete the program more effectively and get quicker and greater results.

Mind you that because of the exclusive nature of the support I provide to my students...

And because I’m a woman that stands by her words, there is obviously a limit on the amount of emails I can answer in a day (I already answer more than 50 daily.)

No matter how committed I feel to help other acne sufferers, this invaluable personal guidance will NOT be offered forever. Don't miss out.

Just these bonuses ALONE have an off-the-shelf retail value of $650 when combined. Yet you'll never pay a penny for them, if you decide to act today before I remove them from Skin Bliss...

An Absolute STEAL For Just $297   

Believe me: 

If I decide to sell Skin Bliss for what it's truly worth–$297–you'd walk away with an absolutely stellar bargain. 

Factor in the bonuses, and you'd be looking at $777...and you know what? 

When you consider the time-saving benefits, plus the fact that there is not another system like it on the planet, even that price is like giving you a GIFT. 

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All Skin Bliss training, Community & Future updates

JUST $97


All Skin Bliss training, Skin Bliss & Future updates

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A Special Time In History

We truly live in remarkable times. 

The secrets and tactics found within Skin Bliss may have previously only have been known to only a select few of the world's top acne specialists.

However, my mission is simple.

To bring light to these strategies, and make them available for an affordable investment.

And to be frank, it took a LOT of hard work, trial and error, and painful lessons learned... 

...heavy lifting you no longer need to do for yourself. 

Here's why:

I've Done All The Hard Work For You

What you need to do is ACT. That's the one thing I cannot do for you. 

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You can choose to continue on the path you're taking now. It's one filled with months, years, even decades of heartache and back-breaking labor. 

Of reinventing the wheel. 

Losing ground. Losing time. 

Think about it: 

How Much Is TIME Worth To You?  

If I could save you even a month of time in your pursuit to get healthy and clear skin, wouldn't that be worth a mere 1 payment of only $97 to you? 

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The Importance Of Living Without Regrets

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Will you let me save you FAR more than a day's worth of your valuable time? 

Will you let me coach you to seeing the results you know you deserve? 

Will you take the action right now that is the only decision possible if you want to change the course of your healthy skin destiny? 

Say yes, and let me prove this system WORKS:

By clicking the order button below right now, you'll receive Skin Bliss, complete with all those juicy bonuses, for the unheard of price of just 1 payment of only $97. 

That's a saving to you of $680. More than 87% slashed right off the retail price! 


All Skin Bliss training, Community & Future updates

JUST $97


All Skin Bliss training, Skin Bliss & Future updates

JUST 2x $57


Today marks your turning point, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. 

Yours in healthy skin success, 

Valeria Dzhodzheva 

P.S. Just in case you have a few more questions about Skin Bliss, I've compiled a list of the most commonly-asked questions below...


1. I’ve seen acne clearing courses sell for $1,000 or even $2,000. Is Skin Bliss a "lighter" version of those?

Nope. I’ve seen them too. And it makes no sense to me. Getting your skin’s health back is FOUNDATIONAL. The whole point of taking such a course is that you learn how to heal your skin on your own. You get access to all the you need to put your acne under control but you have to go through the process on your own. Although you get expert advice through email and you join our private support group for students, you won’t be having a 1:1 coach. That’s why we call it a self-study course.

And that’s why Skin Bliss won’t cost you $1000 or $2000.

With Skin Bliss, I want to give you EVERYTHING you need to get your skin health back, to look and feel your shining best at an investment that you can actually afford right now.

If anything, Skin Bliss is a more comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy to follow implementation program than the ones that sell for 3-5X the price.

2. How many hours every week will I be scheduling in to get awesome results?

Skin Bliss is a self-study implementation program, meaning you can work as many or as little hours as your schedule allows.

A good rule of thumb would be 2 hours per week reading through the education materials and guides, filling in your workbooks, and another 10-20 minutes a day putting the knowledge into action (doing your skin routine) for about 12 weeks.

(Pretty much the same amount of time that most women spend trying to “figure-it-out” by digging into forums, facebook groups and various websites.)

But here’s the thin...

As you’ll find, Skin Bliss is designed for rapid implementation and sustainable momentum.

Meaning, as you stack up the wins and start waking up to new clearer and brighter skin every morning...

You’ll WANT to keep going.

You’ll WANT to speed through Skin Bliss as quickly as you can.

You’ll WANT to make it the first thing you jump into after your epic morning skin care routine.

Because as you’ll soon see, taking care of your skin isn’t a chore when you know exactly what you need to be doing to get amazing results without any wasted effort.

It’s actually one of the most fun and satisfying things you can do for your skin health.

3. Is this for beginners? What if I don’t even have a cleanser yet, let alone a whole routine?

Skin Bliss is a program everyone can go through regardless of where they are in their skin clearing journey.

It’s for women who are just getting started with figuring out what their skin needs in order to thrive AS WELL as for those who have already tried various treatments and products with little or no success.

If you don't have any skin care routine — don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Included in the program is a Core Three Routine module that’ll walk you through choosing the three most important steps to implement in your regimen-to-be.

Unless you already have healthy (and clear from breakouts, spots and scars) skin, Skin Bliss will be an essential pillar in your skin health.

4. What's the return policy?

To begin with...

You are fully covered by the standard 30-day money-back guarantee.

Meaning, you have 30 days to try Skin Bliss for yourself...

And if for any reason whatsoever you’re not satisfied with the program...

Just send an email to

And I’ll refund your investment with no questions asked.

But we’re gonna make an even sweeter deal, ok?*head nod*I’m 100% committed to Skin Bliss being the ONLY program you need to successfully rid yourself of years of breakouts — and watch them fade in the coming weeks and months as you advance through the 4 Phases of the S.O.F.T. Method.

If you are committed to figuring out what your skin really needs and how to serve those needs, and are committed to giving this your best shot — then I promise you, you WILL succeed with Skin Bliss.

And if you can show me that you’ve gone through the steps, did the work, and still don’t feel that you have a solid skin clearing foundation in place, then I insist that you reach out within 365 days to get 100% of your investment back.

Yes! You read that correctly! I offer you a full one year money-back guarantee.

And that’s not all! I am so confident that this program will bring you results, that I not only am I going to return your investment in full within one year, but I’m also going to give you additional $100 as compensation for your investment of time and effort. For more information, please refer to our return policy here.

5. Do I need to use the recommended skin care products? And what if I already have my skin care and I want to continue using it?

Skin Bliss will teach you the foundational pieces of getting and staying clear, with suggestions on the skin care products to use.

Skin Bliss will teach you how to pick your products. The Product Treasure Chest spreadsheet offered as a bonus of the course will however make it so much easier to find your true match.

The Product Treasure Chest spreadsheet has products selected to match all the requirements for a quality acne product.

If you prefer to use different products, or those that you already have at your home, you’ll be able to do so. However, since the S.O.F.T. Method is designed to work with specific ingredients introduced to the routine at a very specific time, you will need to consult with me so I can help you vet your products. If they are matching the criteria taught in the course, then of course you can continue using them.

There’re a few important things to remember with skin care products:

  • More products doesn’t necessarily mean better results.
  • Just because a product claims to do something doesn’t mean it does.
  • Using the right product at the wrong time can cost you achieving your goal.
  • It’s not the product itself that brings the result, but rather knowing how and when to use it.

6. Do I have a limited amount of time to access this program?

You have lifetime access! All of the Skin Bliss content is downloadable, meaning you can save the lessons onto your computer, so you will always have access to it. Whenever, wherever.

7. Does Skin Bliss cover the ingredients I should use in my acne routine?

Yes! One of the last-minute bonuses I decided to throw in is actually a summary of my extensive research on the ingredients proven to work for acne. So if you feel like learning about the best ingredients in acne skin care, get excited--you’re going to show you what’s working now in the skin care industry.

8. How long can I expect it’ll take for me to clear my skin?

Well, it depends on how much you commit to the program. Things like...

Do you supply yourself with the right products...

Do you use them regularly and in the right way?

Do you ask me or your fellow students for help when you need such?

Do you monitor your skin’s progress?

Basically if you follow the steps I give you inside faithfully...

You can see your skin starting to get clearer, brighter and healthier already in 10 weeks using this system. For a lot of people however, the results start to show up already in week 7 or 8 of following the S.O.F.T. Method.

9. How exactly does this system work again?

Inside Skin Bliss, you’re shown how to take care of your skin by following something called the S.O.F.T. Method.

One benefit of following this system is that it is exactly “a system”. Meaning you are not just given a bunch of documents to read and let figure what to do on your own.

You are given a detailed roadmap to follow that will take you from where you are right now to where you want to be in 3 months.

Using this map, you are taken through 4 phases:

A phase of healing and strengthening the skin...

A phase of “flushing” the clogged pores...

One where we fight acne with the most effective actives out there...

And a last one where the final transformation happens - shedding layers of dead skin, clearing the follicles in depth, and revealing new bright and healthy skin...

You see each phase is designed so you always know what to do...

Plus you are always told what products to supply yourself with in advance so you are always prepared...

All you have to do is follow the roadmap and I’ll take you out of the acne jungle.

It’s that easy, and it’s shown inside Skin Bliss.

10. Okay, how do I get started?

Get started now by clicking the button you see below this text.

All it takes is one click, and you could be on your way to a life-changing skin journey within 60 seconds of now.


By clicking the order button below right now, you'll receive Skin Bliss, complete with all those juicy bonuses, for the unheard of price of just 1 payment of only $97. 

That's a savings to you of $680. More than 87% slashed right off the retail price!

And you can REST EASY with my conditional
365-day money-back guarantee...


All Skin Bliss training, Community & Future updates

JUST $97


All Skin Bliss training, Skin Bliss & Future updates

JUST 2x $57