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As I use more time on Instagram, I find it increasingly important to stop comparing myself to other people. ?

If I’m not careful, I can quickly feel less beautiful, get the sense like I’m behind or that my life isn’t as glamorous as the Instagram feed will have me believe.

I know social media is far from reality but it’s sometimes easy to forget.

Comparing yourself to other people is a route to madness and misery. And because of social media, there’s now this pressure to show yourself as being unique.

It’s like we need to stand out and be different.

We need to have the perfect skin (FYI you don’t), have your life 100% in order (nobody does), or even feel the need to dye our hair purple to be "unique".

Don’t do that… ?

The road to less comparison is often an inward journey. It’s about giving yourself permission to be YOU and be okay with not being someone else.

There is only One you in this world, everybody else is taken.

This is easier said than done but I have found some actionable steps you can focus on decreasing the need for comparing yourself to others and thus give you freedom to reveal the real, shining you.

Start with this powerful speech from Pastor Steven Furtick. Even if you are not religious, this will massage your heart the right way:

Next, start your morning with an uplifting episode from Brooke Castillo’s Life School Podcast. Here are two to get you started:

Ep #269: Self Image

Ep #15: Other People’s Opinions

Or if you’re a reader like me, then anything from Brene Brown but Daring Greatly has positively impacted my life in more ways than I can imagine.

To the unique, one of a kind YOU!
Your friend, Valeria