"The Magic 6 Routine that gives my $1,200 coaching clients healthier-looking skin in less than 30 days... Without diet or lifestyle changes"

Learn how to build a smart skin care routine and enjoy
healthier-looking skin in a few weeks.
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The Magic 6 Routine

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About This Program

Do you feel like your skin could be better? Confused about which products you should be using to clear acne? Wish you could figure out what REALLY works to get a glowing complexion?

If so, I’m glad you're here! I created the Magic 6 Routine to give you a simple routine that's I know is following the latest science, and has worked for my clients. In this "program" you’ll discover the steps to a fundamental acne routine so you can feel more confident, with or without makeup.

I believe that TRULY healthy skin without acne is only possible when you integrate the fundamentals FIRST, before looking into robust nutrition, balanced hormones and overall healthy lifestyle.

And that's exactly what this program does for you.

About The Teacher

I’m Valeria — a skin coach, founder and independent researcher here at Pretty Blooming. 

I've studied skin care for more than a decade, and acne exclusively the past three years. I LOVE sharing my findings, tips and recommendations!

Working as a skin coach, you’d think my skin was always perfect. Nope!

For 14 years, I struggled with breakouts, oily skin, and redness. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally figured out how to fix my skin issues, using the science-first approach I’m sharing here.

If I could turn my skin around, so can you!

What You'll Learn in The Magic 6 Routine


The Steps

Get the exact steps of the Magic 6 Routine that gives my $1,200 coaching clients healthier-looking skin in less than 30 days without changing their diet or lifestyle


The How to

How to use each product in the Magic 6 Routine to ensure maximum clearing in less than 30 days 


And more!

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What People Say

"Thanks! I spent so much time trying to piece together a routine. Now I just have to actually do it. lol! Wish me luck!"

Anna O.

"I love how organized and simple this program is. And the fact it's based on scientific research makes it even better for me."

Ella J.

"I didn't expect much because the program was only $27 but wow. It's only been three weeks and my skin has already improved!"

Maria F.

Discover What REALLY
Works for Glowing,
Healthy Skin

Don’t waste time and money on a routine that’s not working for you. Find out the fundamentals of good skin care and feel more confident about your skin!

 $27 $7!

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing routine, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with and I'll either provide the help you need or give you a swift refund. And we'll still be friends, promise!

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